Wood flooring in Hampshire – Wooden floors are attractive and they can last a very long time whilst adding value to your home. We are able to install onto any surface and we have a huge array for you to choose from in various size boards and types of wood.

Lounges – Wooden Floors

Choose from solid wood or engineered wood flooring depending on the individual requirements of your room. Our floor layers are on hand to offer guidance on the right choice for you. There is nothing more stylish than a solid hardwood floor. Let us guide you towards the perfect wood for your house, flat or business premises.

We stock these wood flooring brands: Elka – Furlong

Our solid wood floor options include: Oak – Ash – Maple – Bamboo – Beech – Walnut

Why choose wood flooring? Flexible and elastic – Classic and beautiful appearance – Retains heat – Clean and easily maintained – Can be placed over a large variety of surfaces